Khadmeen-o-Aazmeen Hajj o Umrah

Who We Are?

About us

Training and service of Haji Sahibs was started by our respected teacher (Haji karam dad awan )from 1973, that is, half a century ago, which he has continued till now despite his old age and illness. We joined his noble mission about 11 years ago. were Our respected teacher is the author of many Islamic books. He has written about 1 dozen books about Hajj and Umrah which are provided free of cost.
(1) Every year we organize Hajj training for Haji Sahibs at different places.
(2) Training continues throughout the year.
(3) We provide some necessary Hajj and Umrah books and pamphlets for free.
(4) The goods used in Hajj and Umrah travel, such as shoulder bags, shoe bags, prayer bags, tasbeeh with Umrah method, etc. are provided free of charge.
(5) All our books are available on our website
(6) All our founding members are above 60 years of age and all members have completed Hajj or Umrah.
(7) We don’t take any donation or contribution from anyone but we pay all expenses from our own pocket.
(8) If a Haji Sahib wants Ihram, they also give gifts.
(9) A completely separate group for women’s training that includes only women and only female scholars provide training and answer questions.
(10) We have nothing to do with Hajj and Umrah business.
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